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Etihad Water and Electricity Participates Millions Around the World "Earth Hour"

26 Mar 2022

​In the presence of the Director General, Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, and a number of officials, Etihad Water and Electricity held a special event in Al-Zorah area of Ajman on the occasion of 'Earth Hour'​.
In the Director General's speech on this occasion, the importance of concerted local, regional and international efforts was emphasized in order to strengthen practices and consolidate behaviors aimed at preserving the planet and protecting it from the dangers of global warming, increasing carbon emissions and the resulting climate changes.
In his speech, Saleh stressed that EtihadWE set its vision on this basis so that the desired leadership in providing electricity and water services is achieved, taking into account the role of clean and sustainable sources for power generation and water desalination without harming the environment and in line with the UAE's vision in this field.
He added 'On this occasio​n, as we emphasize the consolidation of the concept symbolized by Earth Hour, we express our desire for the spread of responsible behaviors when dealing with natural resources, and for these behaviors and practices to become among the usual daily living ones that all people adopt, so that they are automatically inherited for future generations.'
At 8-30, Etihad Water and Electricity participated in millions of people around the world in the symbolic act that is expressed in the Earth Hour, where the lights were turned off in the place for a full hour, and in the meantime, a large number of candles were lit, forming an expressive panel for the logo of the global event.​​
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