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About Etihad WE


ETIHAD WE established in 2020 under the Federal Decree-Law No. (31) of 2020 to carry out the duties assigned to The Federal Electricity & Water Authority at that time. It is wholly owned by the Emirates Investment Authority, and is mandated to meet the needs of the northern emirates of electricity and desalinated water. Etihad WE seeks to become global leader and achieve the highest levels of excellence in the field of services it provides, achieve sustainability, reduce waste in natural resources, launch institutional initiatives aimed at supporting economic sustainability and preserving the environment, in addition to fulfill its social responsibilities.


To Become Pioneers in providing Electricity and Water services to raise the standard of living and achieve sustainable growth



To provide world-class electricity and water services, whilst developing the necessary infrastructure, to fulfill the growing demand in the Emirates under Etihad Water & Electricity jurisdiction and to rationalize  the Usage of Electricity and Water to promote Sustainable Development.



  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Customers’ Happiness
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Employees’ Happiness



  • Implementaion of Enterprise Resource Planning system (SAP) ERPSAP
  • Having a governance system for infrastructure and information management
  • Adopting new electronic / intelligent systems (SAP, GIS)
  • Availability of infrastructure that allows electrical / water connection
  • Reliability of electricity and water networks
  • Government support for Etihad Water & Electricity policies
  • Top management support
  • Competent and experienced staff
  • Strong financial position
  • Availability of multiple service delivery channels across all Emirates



  • High turnover rate due to competition in the workforce market, which led to the difficulty of filling vacancies with specialized technical competencies
  • Rely on a single source of electrical power supply
  • Technical losses of electricity and water networks
  • Continual reliance on groundwater
  • Absence of relationship management system with partners
  • Absence of Carrying capacity (Capacity Capability) studies in customer happiness centers
  • Absence of communication and marketing strategy for Etihad Water & Electricity



  • A well-defined government plan for electronic and smart transformation
  • Availability of technical resources supporting smart transformation
  • Availability of latest technologies in the field of electricity and water
  • Adopt a new business model based on public private partnership (PPP) projects



  • The difficulty of attracting specialized technical competencies due to competition with enteties of a similar nature in the workforce market
  • Different local laws and regulations among the geographical areas supervised by Etihad Water & Electricity
  • Difficulty of marketing the services of Etihad Water & Electricity as a result of the difference and diversity of customers' categories and their cultures across the Emirates
  • Absence of public private partnership (PPP) projects legislation
  • Absence of accurate information and statistics related to future local government projects and other recent statistics on UAE's population growth


Strategic Objectives

  • Achieve sustainable excellence in providing electricity and water services to customers.
  • Manage energy demand & supply in a sustainable & excellent manner.
  • Manage desalinated water demand & supply in a sustainable & excellent manner.
  • Rationalize the usage of energy and desalinated water and reduce wastage to ensure. sustainable development.
  • Ensuring the delivery of administrative services based on quality, efficiency and transparency standards.
  • Enhancing the culture of innovation and creativity in the organization. ​​​​​​​​​
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