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New permanent and temporary meter connections

All Categories Fees

Public connections

Temporary connections

Worksites and similar

Festival lasting more than 3 months

Mobile & stationary food carts

Fees are calculated by (kVA). The customer bears the costs of supplying and installing the material.

Industrial projects with loads exceeding 5 megawatts: Fees are calculated by (kVA). The customer bears the costs of supplying and installing the material.  

kVAFees (AED)
0 – 200300
201 – 500600
501 – 1000900
1001 – 30001200
3001 - 50001400
5001 and above1600

Manors, reserves, water wells, street lighting, facilities located in special geographic nature areas such as mountains, valleys and sand dunes (radars, cabins, communication towers, agriculture lands).

The actual cost up to the point of connection including the meter

Billboards, transmission booster towers, radars, telephone booths, surveillance cameras and the like (Not located in special geographic nature areas).

Connections with loads less than 10 kW: connected without a meter.

AED 1200 per kVA

Temporary connections without a meter​

Category Fees

Festivals, weddings, social celebrations, Ramadan playgrounds and tents and the like (for a period of less than three months)

AED 500 per 100 kV per week (except for the Ramadan playgrounds and tents: the period is the entire month of Ramadan). partial week considered a full week.

Connections related to the month of Ramadan (Iftar tents, whether from rulers, charities or individuals) and Condolence tents

Free of cost

Other services

Category Fees

Adding load

According to the load class as mentioned above for new and temporary meter connections.

Extra loads on the same piece previously connected to the electric current by EtihadWE are considered completely new if:

The extra load pertains to a new building that was recently constructed in the same plot of land, and the customer submitted a connection request for this building only.

If 3 years have passed since the previous connection.

Otherwise, the new load is added to the previously connected load, and fees are calculated according to the load category.

Transfer of equipment belonging to EtihadWE

AED 300 per meter/ request in addition to the actual cost

Technical Drawings Approval
1 – 1000 kVAAED 300
More than 1000 kVA AED 3000
Land clearance certificateFree of cost
Examination and re-examination of internal wiring (with connection request only) AED 500 for each examination (the first and second examination within the connection request are free. As for the third one and above, the electrical contractor shall bear the cost).
Meter testing AED 500 (if the test proves that the meter is intact)
Missing meterMeter price
Permanent disconnection AED 100 for each meter. Materials, whether meters or transformers and their belonging are removed and returned to EtihadWE stores at the company's expense.
SplitActual cost
Combine Actual cost

Other services


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