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What is The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger?

The EV Charger Initiative was launched in vision to make UAE Northern region the smartest and happiest place in the world and promote green transportation. The aim of this project was to set up an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the public across Northern region of UAE. EtihadWE, as the electricity provider for Ajman, Umm ul quien, Ras al khaima, Dibba, Dhaid and Fujairah, took the lead in setting up electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the public to switch over from petrol to electric vehicles.​​​

What are the planned objectives of this project for the sustainable development of UAE?

Electric Charger is one of smart initiatives launched by EtihadWE to support the Smart UAE Strategy, to make stakeholders happy, minimise environmental impact, and enable a smart city. EtihadWE is aligned with the UAE Vision 2021 to make the UAE amongst the best countries in the world​​​

How many electric vehicle charging stations are installed and where are they?

​EtihadWE has developed and deployed approximately 40 charger points across the federal area of UAE at the end of 2019, the locations of which are available on EtihadWE website soon. All new charger locations will be updated regularly on EtihadWE’s website.​

What are the different types of the EV Chargers?

​EtihadWE installed two types of chargers, Fast Charger, Public Charger: Fast Charger (43 kW AC with Type 2 Socket, 50 kW DC ChadeMO and Combo CCS Sockets) provides an 80% charge within 20 to 45 minutes depending on the type of car and battery capacity. Most of these are installed at petrol stationsPublic Charger (2 x 22 kW AC, with double Type 2 Socket) provides full charge in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of car and battery capacity

Where will I find assistance in using electric vehicle charging stations?

​Customers can contact EtihadWE customer care centre for assistance. Moreover, the charging points are user friendly and have instructions on how to be used.​​

When are the electric vehicle charging stations available for use?

Customers can contact EtihadWE customer care centre for assistance. Moreover, the charging points are user friendly and have instructions on how to be used.​​

When are the electric vehicle charging stations available for use?

​The EV Chargers are available for use at all announced locations on a 24-7 basis.​

What is the typical distance range of an electric vehicle can reach?

The range of the electric vehicle depends on battery capacity and type of vehicle; typically, it ranges from 240km to 600km.​​

Where can I purchase an electric vehicle and at what cost?

​Please contact car dealerships for availability and costs since the prices vary for vehicles. Since the lau​​nch of this initiative, demand has increased, leading to dealers providing more electric vehicles.

What is the typical range of an electric vehicle?

​The range of the electric vehicle depends on battery capacity and type of vehicle; typically, it ranges from 1​​​20km to 500km.​​​

What happens if my battery runs out of charge before I reach the charge points?

Same as with any vehicle, drivers are responsible for ensuring that they have a sufficient charge for the journey. All electric vehicles provide information to their drivers on their estimated range in the car’s instrument panel.​

What is a plugin hybrid vehicle?

​A plugin hybrid vehicle has a regular petrol engine and with an additional electric motor. This vehicle can run on either petrol, batteries or both at the same time. It also has a plug for charging on-board batteries and can run as full electric mode with a limited range.​​

Does EtihadWE own electric vehicles?


Can anyone use EV Chargers?

​EV Chargers are open to all electric vehicles owners.​

How can I tell when my electric vehicle is completely charged?

Check the display on our charging station or battery charge indicator on your vehicle’s display. Either on​e will tell you when your charging session is complete.​

Can I discontinue the charging process before it is complete?

Yes. You can stop the charge at any time following the instructions on the charger.​​

Can I charge the battery even if it's not empty?

​Yes, an electric vehicle’s battery management system actively manages the delivery of the charge to ensure the ​​maximum lifespan of the battery. Just plug it in and let the car do the rest.​

I am trying to unplug the charger but it is not unplugging, why?

The charger has to be unplugged from the electric vehicle first using the remote and then it can be unplugged​ from the EV charger.​

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

In the beginning the EtihadWE will not cost any car using EV charger. The cost detail will be reveal soon.​​

How will I be billed when using the charging stations?

​For the convenience of owners of electric cars, the payment process is done using a credit card through the payment channel provided by the charger​

What is the procedure to install an electric vehicle charging station?

​For more information on the procedure and the ​steps to be taken, please contact customer care centre.

How will I be able to find public charging stations?

​The owner of the electric vehicle will be able to find the locations of the charging stations via the Authority website and​ Google Maps.​

Is the home charging station safe?

​Yes.​The charging station is designed so that no electricity​ flows through the cord or coupler until after it is connected to the vehicle. As a further safety feature, once connected, your EV will not allow you to move while the charging station is plugged in.​

Will the charging station work with any electric vehicle (EV)?

​Yes, the charging station’s coupler is standardized and compatible with 99% of the EV models from large automakers.​​

What is the climate impact of the electricity that will power the electric automobiles?

​Both all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the major greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide (CO2). When emissions from electric power generation are considered, an all-electric vehicle reduces CO2 by over 30% compared to a conventional gasoline vehicle. ​​

What is a plug-in electric vehicle?

​There are three types of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs); plug-in hybrids, extended-range electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrids, are powered through a combination of gasoline and electricity. The -range electric vehicle uses an electric motor to power its drive-train. Once the battery pack is fully discharged, a separate gasoline engine starts up and powers a generator which then supplies the electricity to the electric motor drive-train. Battery electric vehicles have no gasoline engine and run exclusively on the energy stored in the on-board batteries. ​

What are the benefits of electric vehicle?

The transition to electric vehicles will provide significant benefits across energy, transport, public health, and infrastructure and industry development. For consumers, the running costs for an electric vehicle are far cheaper, and because they have fewer moving parts, maintaining an electric vehicle also costs significantly less. The rise of electric and hybrid vehicle technology is supported by governments and environmental organisations seeking to reduce emissions and improve energy storage technology.A transition to sustainable, zero emissions road transport also has the potential to have a positive impact on air quality.​​​

How common are electric vehicle?

​Globally, the number of electric vehicles sold each year is growing rapidly, with a 40 per cent increase from 2018 to 2020. There are now more than two million electric vehicles on the road, with suggestions this could rise to 140 million by 2035.

Electric vehicle are quite expensive. Will this change in the future?

​While electric vehicles have been more expensive than conventional vehicles, this appears to be changing, particularly with the mass production of more efficient batteries.


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