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26 Dec 2023

Partnership Between “EtihadWE” and “Emarat” for Installing Ultra-Fast EV Chargers at Emarat Stations

In a significant stride aligned with the objectives of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), which concluded its proceedings in the UAE a few days ago, Etihad Water and Electricity Company (EtihadWE) and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) have formally established a strategic partnership. The agreement entails EtihadWE taking charge of the construction and installation of ultra-fast Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers at various Emarat stations. Eng. Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, the CEO of EtihadWE, represented the company during the signing ceremony, while Eng. Ali Bin Khalifa AlShamsi, Director General, represented Emarat.

This collaboration, consummated at the UAE House of Sustainability in Expo Dubai, underscores the joint commitment of both entities to support the visionary leadership of the UAE in achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The partnership aims to advance green and sustainable mobility, reduce harmful emissions, and cater to the escalating demand for electric vehicle services within the country.

Eng. Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, CEO of EtihadWE, emphasized the company's unwavering dedication to fulfilling its role in implementing the National Electric Vehicle Policy and realizing the objectives of the "Global Market for Electric Vehicles" national transformative project. As a crucial partner with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, EtihadWE is focused on cultivating new and sustainable partnerships across various sectors involved in the ambitious policy's implementation.

Eng. Yousif Al Ali highlighted that the energy sector, being a major contributor to carbon emissions, held a prominent position in discussions and actions at COP28, with international leaders addressing environmental and climate issues. He commended the significant achievements made in this field during the conference.

On his part, Eng. Ali Khalifa AlShamsi, Emarat Director General said: "We take pride in achieving this milestone agreement with EtihadWE, a testament to our shared vision for serving the UAE community and addressing the growing demand for electric vehicle services. This strategic partnership represents a significant leap towards fostering green and sustainable mobility”.

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