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04 Mar 2024

Harnessing AI and Advanced Operational Techniques: EtihadWE Highlights Pioneering Initiatives at MOEI Innovation Week

Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE) showcased a range of its Pioneering initiatives and projects during the "Innovation Week," organized by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) over three days, concurrently with the "UAE Innovates 2024" events. The week highlighted innovative ideas supporting the objectives of the UAE Centennial 2071.
Commenting on the event, Engineer Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, CEO of the company, mentioned that EtihadWE was keen to participate in the Innovation Week for several reasons. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is one of the most significant partners sharing common interests, strategic initiatives, and various work scopes with EtihadWE. This event offered an excellent opportunity to closely explore the latest technologies and innovations that could support the implementation mechanisms of those projects and initiatives. It also provided a chance to meet with experts in the sector and engage in the agenda filled with fruitful discussion sessions.

At the Innovation Week, EtihadWE presented some of its leading initiatives that embody its strategic objectives in various fields. This included the use of the "ChatGPT" artificial intelligence technology to provide an interactive platform serving customers and answering their various inquiries, as well as showcasing an advanced visual communication system that allows customers to identify and execute some services remotely.

The company also revealed its initiatives for using clean energy in its operations, such as converting golf carts used for internal transport to solar-powered vehicles, equipped with innovative features for fire detection, gas leak detection, and air quality monitoring. The innovation team is currently working on developing this idea to include converting the vehicles to operate on kinetic energy. In addition, EtihadWE presented its design for a mobile charging vehicle to service electric vehicles needing emergency charging on the roads.

The company highlighted an advanced sensor used in water tanks to send immediate alerts to officials when there is a change in water colour or chemical properties, capable of automatically closing valves to prevent the pumping of unfit water for consumption, along with a system for remote periodic inspection of high-pressure pipes.

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