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17 Nov 2020

FEWA Services are 100% Smart

​The Federal Electricity and Water Authority intends to finish converting its services to 100% electronic and smart before the end of next month, while it recorded a remarkable increase in the number of users of electronic channels and smart systems since the beginning of this year, as 300 thousand users made more than 2 million transactions.
The Director General of the Authority, Mohammed Mohammed Saleh, confirmed to "Emaratalyoum" that the Authority launches continuously automated electronic services through its website, smart channels and smart application (FEWA App), which limits the need of the customer to visit Customer Happiness Centers to rare cases.
He said that the Authority has completed the automation of the services of Changing Owner Name, changing Rate Category, issuance of No Liability Certificate, Transferring Amounts, Meter Testing or Replacement for whether electricity or water, Electricity or Water Meter Shifting, Amendment or Adding Loads, immediate Payment Service for one or several accounts, Invoice Inquiry Service, issuance of Clearance Certificate, Connection of Electricity or Water, New Consumer Service Activation, issuance of Land Clearance Certificate for electricity or water services, electricity and water Technical Design Approval, Payable Installment Service, in addition to Suggestions and Complaints Service, Reporting Electricity or Water Emergencies, Receiving and Responding to Customer Notes.
Saleh added that the total number of services provided through the website is 24, and it intends to launch the last package of services before the end of next month, which includes the Transfer and Cutting Off the service whether for electricity or water, so that the Authority’s services will be 100% automated.
He said that among the services provided by the Authority recently through the website is the service of booking appointments to visit one of the Customer Happiness Centers, so that the customer can visit the center when needed at the specified time, in light of the Authority’s keenness to apply precautionary measures related to limiting the spread of the Corona virus. He mentioned that the Authority launched the automatic response system "Fares", to respond to the most frequent inquiries of customers and receive their observations.
The list of services available through the automated response system «Fares» on the Authority’s website includes the payment service, changing the account number, booking appointments, obtaining contact information, or various information about the account including viewing the invoice or obtaining a copy of it, and reviewing record of payment and consumption.

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