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25 Dec 2019

FEWA organizes "A Day Without Service Centers"

​The Federal Electricity and Water Authority organized an initiative of "A Day Without Service Centers" with the aim to raise awareness of customers about the service channels and smart solutions provided by FEAW and to encourage them to take advantage of them to complete their transactions quickly and effectively.
FEWA aimed from such initiative to contribute in the achievement of the UAE Government's vision to accelerate the process of smart transformation in the provision of services where the services provided through the employees of Customers Happiness Centers in all Centers of FEWA in the northern regions will be stopped for one day.
The list of services that can be obtained through the channels and smart solutions included the services of paying bills, clearance certificates, service activation and others which can be completed through the smart application of FEWA or through the website or the devices available in various northern regions.
"This initiative comes to implement the directions of the UAE Government to complete the full transformation process into the smart government and increase the percentages of customers who take advantage of advanced solutions and techniques to complete their transactions quickly and effectively." said Mohammed Mohamemd Saleh, Director General of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority.
All procedures have been taken to guarantee the continuity of services in all Customers Happiness Centers of FEWA where qualified and trained work teams have been there to explain the steps of using the devices for customers in order to ensure that they could get the necessary support to complete their transactions, he added.
It is worth to note that "A day without Service Centers" initiative in all Customers Happiness Centers of FEWA has been launched in 2017. It is applied periodically to enhance the culture of smart transformation among the customers.
In this day, a field questionnaire has been made about this initiative to measure the knowledge of customers about the smart services provided by FEWA and to know their recommendations and proposals in terms of developing them.

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