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16 Nov 2023

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer Highlights Future Insights for EtihadWE during CIGRE GCC – Power 2023

Youssef Souissi, the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE), shed light on the company's strategic and future initiatives during a key panel discussion held on the first day of CIGRE – GCC Power 2023. This comes as the company undergoes a transformative journey under the Emirates Investment Authority (EIA), aiming to uphold its commitment to meeting the growing demand in its jurisdictions with the highest level of reliability throughout its journey of transformation and beyond.

Souissi emphasized EtihadWE's dedication to establishing strong cooperation and partnerships with key stakeholders including but not limited to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. The company collaborates on joint initiatives and shapes general policies contributing to the regulation of energy and its sources, especially in the northern regions where the company provides its services.

EtihadWE’s Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer also discussed some of the company's leading initiatives under the umbrella of the joint national effort. These initiatives contribute to various national targets, such as the significant role the company plays in the transformational project "Global Market for Electric Vehicle," and the "Manzily" initiative.

Souissi also touched upon the water-related aspects, confirming the company's ongoing development of its expansion capabilities in the production of desalinated water through reverse osmosis. He referenced the successful model applied in the Naqaa Desalination Plant, with a production capacity of 150 million gallons per day, as one of the largest desalination plants in the region. The Plant operates with the latest energy management technologies, leading to a remarkable 60% reduction in consumption rates compared to conventional operating methods. Additionally, capacity storage has been increased, exemplified by Al Khuraijah Distribution Center with a capacity of 180 million gallons. This is complemented by a developed program aimed at reducing technical losses in the network through a combination of new technology, data analytics, network rehabilitation and district metering. The company is also establishing a central water command and control centre to optimize the management of its network.

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