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23 Oct 2023

Successful Conclusion of "GITEX Global" 2023 with a Remarkable Participation by EtihadWE

  • The Company Showcases Innovative Use of Chat GPT AI Technology

  • TDRA Recognizes EtihadWE's Pivotal Role in "Go Digital" Initiative

The "GITEX Global" 2023, the most prominent international event in information technology and its various applications, concluded last Friday. The event took place at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 16 to 20.

Etihad Water and Electricity Company (EtihadWE) had a significant presence at this event, showcasing several leading applications enhanced with artificial intelligence technology, particularly highlighting its innovative use of the widely recognized Chat GPT AI platform. This project offers high-quality services to EtihadWE's partners and customers through a virtual character named "Edris." Additionally, the company received recognition from the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) for its role in the success of the "Go Digital" initiative. The recognition took place at an award ceremony celebrating the top 5 distinguished implementers of the initiative.

The Utilizing “Chat GPT" project, announced during the exhibition, proceeds in four stages. It begins with the inclusion of Customer Service Guide and the content and mapping of the company's website on the platform. Users, primarily EtihadWE customers, can ask questions related to the company's services at this stage, which was launched several months ago.

In the second stage, specific information related to the EV chargers, including locations, fees, and usage guidelines, will be incorporated into the platform. This information primarily concerns the company's customers.

The third stage targets the company's internal partners and employees, with the addition of information related to internal policies and regulations.
In the fourth and final stage, the "Chat GPT" platform itself will be made available on the company's website. This stage allows all visitors, including customers, to interact with the platform on the website. It enables users to obtain additional information, including inquiries about consumption bills and comparisons of consumption rates over previous months, among other services.

The top management and the project team decided to name the virtual character used on the platform "Edris." It represents the first letters of the words comprising the project's name in English, "EtihadWE Dynamic Response Information System."

It is worth noting that EtihadWE annually participates in this prominent international exhibition. This year, its participation focused on exploring new opportunities to rely on AI applications to enhance the services provided to its customers.

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