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26 Jun 2023

FNC Announces Cabinet’s Approval of 5 Recommendations on Water and Electricity Sustainability

The UAE Cabinet has approved 5 recommendations put forth by the Federal National Council regarding the government's policy on sustainable water and electricity services. The decision was announced during the 13th session of the 4th regular session of the 17th legislative chapter, which took place on Wednesday at the FNC's headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The Cabinet's decision included approving the review of water network systems to reduce water loss and establish regulations related to specifications and standards in water transmission and distribution networks. It also involves the utilization of smart services that enable consumers to monitor their energy and water consumption rates periodically, thus avoiding high bills through the use of smart meters.

Furthermore, an initiative will be launched with the aim of ensuring the sustainability, stability, and competitive pricing of energy to support the commercial and industrial sectors and safeguard investments in the country. Initiatives will also be developed to encourage citizens to install solar panels in homes for the purpose of storing and utilizing solar energy. Additionally, there will be an expansion in the implementation of sustainable development standards in residential projects and federal buildings for electricity and water services, in order to achieve the sustainable development goals for 2023. Moreover, there will be an expansion in the use of renewable energy sources in public and energy-intensive facilities, such as public gardens and clubs.

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