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13 May 2020

The Federal Electricity & Water Authority begins installing two-stage smart meters

​The Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) has announced the start of installing an integrated system for two-stage smart meters, thus being the first in the region to develop this type of infrastructure projects.
The new system focuses on improving the customer experience through achieving a quantitative improvement in measuring energy consumption rates, through its adoption of the latest infrastructure and digital technologies.
The Authority is working on accomplishing this project through several stages aiming at installing more than 600,000 smart meters in the northern regions in cooperation between the Authority and the German software and information technology services company “SAB ENGINEERING Services & Software GmbH”.
The smart meters system is characterized by providing a set of features for each of the power providers and end consumers, the most important of which are: The non-requirement for the attendance of the Authority’s staff to read the meters, which prevents human errors.
The system also provides time and resources; As there is no need for staff to appear to cut and restore the service, and it allows customers to specify automated options such as service activation/ clearance, and a final bill is prepared electronically and sent to them promptly.
The system contributes to raising the efficiency of energy conservation rates, as it allows the customer to follow the actual real-time consumption, and to identify his consumption behavior, which allows to make adjustments that help in rationalizing consumption.
The start of the installation of this system comes in line with the declaration of rational leadership in 2020, towards the next 50 years, and in confirmation on the necessity of achieving great strides in all major sectors, including the energy sector.

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