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26 Sep 2019

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority organizes medical examinations for its employees in the World Heart Day

​In the context of its concern for the health of its employees on one hand, and its endeavors to promote the values of happiness and job loyalty on the other hand, and on the occasion of the World Heart Day, which falls on September 29 every year, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority organized through the Employees Happiness Team an event of "Protect your heart" before days. In this event, full medical examinations have been made for the employees who wanted to be examined.
More than 70 male and female employees took advantage of these examinations that have been made in the main office of FEWA. These examinations were organized in cooperation with the Health Education Department in Dubai and UAE Heart Society, where a specialized medical team including a nursing cadre and a number of health awareness and education officials attended and made different medical examinations including blood pressure, diabetic, accumulative diabetic, cholesterol level, body mass and the estimation of the presumptive life before the examined person received comprehensive educational and guidance instructions based on the results of the examinations.
After the event, one of the members of the Health Education Department team in Dubai, Kariman Pozo, stated that she noted a lot of checked persons suffer from the increase of cholesterol levels in blood, which represents a direct threat to the health of heart and increases the risk of coronary artery disease, especially in the advanced age group.
Cholesterol is a wax material similar to fat produced by the parts of body during their normal activity and it is one of the vital and necessary materials for the health. However, the increase in its level in the blood leads to its stick in the walls of arteries from inside and may result in narrowing or clogging of the arteries, said Pozo. She also noted to the importance of prevention from increasing cholesterol by cutting back on foods that are high in fat, maintaining physical activity and avoid obesity and overweight.

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