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25 Jul 2019

‪Innovation Team Announces Launch of the new Innovation System “Fikra”‬‬‬‬

​‪At a recent ceremony held at the Federal Electricity and Water Authority in Dubai, in the presence of the Director General, Mohammed  Mohammed Saleh and a number of officials, the innovation team announced the launch of the new innovation system “Fikra”. ‬‬‬‬
In its endeavor to foster the culture of innovation among its staff, FEWA has developed its system of suggestions “Afkar” and replaced it with a new one more effective and reliable. In this context, a number of brainstorming sessions were held on the strengths and weaknesses of the old system, and how ideas are generated, formulated, developed, managed and evaluated. ‬
Also in the preparatory stages, a number of field visits were organized for some governmental and semi-governmental entities with successful experiences in innovation. Two innovation labs were also held with the participation of a number of employees of the Authority to discuss the most important challenges and develop the axes of designing the new system.
‪In the final stages before the launch of the system, the main innovation team was reconstituted and prepared to spread the culture of innovation in the Authority and encourage employees to submit the ideas through the new system, as well as the selection of ideas submitted within the criteria and conditions to be evaluated by the six specialized committees formed for this purpose, It comprises carefully selected members across the Authority's sectors to assess ideas within studied and agreed criteria. ‬‬‬‬

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