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06 May 2019

Conservation Department organizes a group of awareness lectures for different categories

​As part of its plan for 2019 that aims to enhance the efforts of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority to promote the culture of conservation of consumption among different groups of society, the Conservation Department organized within the previous period a number of awareness lectures including a lecture in the Emirates Transport in the middle region attended by more than 50 employees and another for students of Asma Bint Omais Secondary School in Ajman attended by nearly 100 students.
The lectures given by the Strategic Partnerships Analyst in Conservation Department, Zein Al Wafai, included highlighting the importance of the natural resources in the UAE, how to preserve them, at the levels of workplace, study entities and home, and how to guide the family and children to adopt the positive behaviors. The lectures included the presentation of the efforts made by the UAE State the conservation scope and the protection of the natural resources in order to ensure their sustainability for the future of the next generations.

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