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26 Mar 2019

Coinciding with World Water Day, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority organizes a series of awareness events

​​​Coinciding with the World Water Day, which falls on March 22 of each year, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority, represented by Health, Safety and Environment Department, organized a series of events associated with the event on Wednesday and Thursday, 20 & 21 of this March, in Western Area (A) and Middle Area.

The events included a group of sections that aimed to raise awareness of staff and customers altogether about the importance of fresh water and the difficulties of its production and effects of this production on the environment. All stages through which the fresh water is obtained as a final product, from desalination to distribution, through examinations, tests and packaging, were explained. Violations resulting from such process and its effect on the environment also was clarified. The events also included raising awareness of the presence about the importance of rationalizing water consumption, in cooperation with the representatives of the Conservation Department in the Central Area.

The events were held under the slogan of "Water for all", which is the same slogan used by the United Nations at the World Water Day.

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