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Changing Owner Name

Service Description

An application submitted by the owner of a facility to transfer the account from his name to the name of the new customer/ owner.

Channels for Supply of Service

Main Customer Services Centers

Service Hours Time Period

Sundays to Thursdays

7:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M
10 minutes

Ajman Center, Dibba Al Fujairah, Fujairah

7:00 A.M - 5 P.M
10 minutes

Saturdays: All main centers except Al Dhaid and Umm Al Quwain

8:00 A.M - 1:00 P.M
10 minutes

Sub Customer Services Centers

Service Hours Time Period
7:00 A.M - 2:00 P.M 10 minutes

Etihad WE Website

Service Hours Time Period
24 Hours/Day 8 minutes

Service Channels

Customer Happiness Centers

Procedures & process

  • Submitting the application to the Front Office
  • Verifying and creating the application
  • Paying the applicable fees

Documents Required

  • Title Deed/ Municipality letter
  • Land Plan
  • New Owner UAE ID Card
  • Signing the application and undertakings

Period to Execute the Service

  • 3 working days

Communication Channels

  • Text messages

Service Category

  • Procedural / Sup-service

Target Customers

  • All categories

Service Type

  • From Government to Government
  • From Government to Individuals
  • From Government to Business Sector

Service Fees

50 AED in addition to the deposit (if any)

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