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17 Feb 2023

EtihadWE Participates in "Dibba Innovates" Exhibition 2023

    Etihad Water and Electricity participated in the "Dibba Innovates" exhibition organized by the Dibba Municipality at the city exhibition center. The exhibition coincides with the activities of the UAE Innovation Month 2023.

    The company displayed its latest innovations in the exhibition, such as converting a golf cart used in its stores into a cart that runs entirely on solar energy.

    The innovation went through many stages, starting from the emergence of the idea up to the implementation stage. The cart includes a number of features such as the ability to detect fires and gas leaks, monitor air quality, send results and warning notices to those concerned, as well as a thermal camera in the front of the cart, which has the ability to monitor invisible objects during the night tours. The application of the idea led to impressive results in reducing consumption and saving energy. The innovation team is currently working on developing the idea by converting the cart into a kinetic powered cart.

    The company also displayed the innovative communication device, through which the customer can communicate remotely with the customer happiness representative.

     Encouraging innovation and creativity is a core value in Etihad Water and Electricity, which derives from its vision of achieving leadership and sustainable growth. Therefore, it constantly strives to provide a stimulating environment for innovation and the implementation of creative ideas.

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