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15 Mar 2020

"Dubai Carbon" Annual Sustainability Report highlights the authority’s role in the UAE Water Security Strategy

Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, "Dubai Carbon", issued a few days ago, the sixth edition of the annual "State of Green Economy" sustainability report, which came this year under the title "Fifty Years of Achievements".
The report, which is issued in the English language, highlights the efforts of the most important institutions and entities operating in the UAE to achieve sustainable development and combat climate change and waste of resources, including the Federal Electricity and Water Authority, where the report shed light on the authority’s role in achieving the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, through several aspects including the water desalination plant project in Umm Al Quwain, in addition to the authority’s plan to raise the storage capacity of water and maintain the quality of stored water, and the overall development of transportation and distribution networks.
The Federal Electricity and Water Authority, has participated with a group of major energy-related institutions in the United Arab Emirates, and for the second year respectively, in sponsoring the report, which is being distributed widely in several local and international forums under the supervision of "Dubai Carbon".


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