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27 Feb 2020

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority participates in the "Seasonal Flu Vaccination" initiative

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority participated in the "Seasonal Flu Vaccination" initiative, which was recently launched by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and supervised by the Preventive Medicine Departments in various emirates.
The initiative aims to vaccinate the largest possible number of employees in the governmental departments in the UAE with the seasonal flu vaccine, to prevent health defects caused by the flu and the dangerous complications it can lead to if its treatment is delayed or not treated at all.
In this context, a team from the Immunization Department of the Preventive Medicine Departments visited the Customer Happiness Center in Ajman and the Authority’s main office in Dubai, during this month where (432) employees of the Authority were vaccinated against seasonal flu.
The Authority’s participation in this initiative, which was supervised by the Employees Happiness Section, comes within the framework of its constant concern for the health of its employees and urged them to follow healthy habits, including receiving annual vaccination against seasonal flu.

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