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14 May 2018

The Department of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Receives The Justec Award for Excellence

​FEWA participated in the GIS Conference (GISWORK'18) held in Dubai on May 8th-10th, organized by GISTEC, the official representative of a number of international companies specialized in this field.
The conference, which aims at providing and disseminating the science of GIS as one of the most important scientific and research tools in contemporary societies, included a series of workshops, in which the most advanced technology in the field were through an interactive scientific environment focusing in the technical side of these systems using laptops to connect theoretical information with practical applications.
The conference also included presentations of the latest projects and applications in the field of geographic information systems, especially those of ESRI, one of the largest and most important global companies specialized in the development of GIS programs.
During the current session of the conference, the Geographic Information Systems Division of the Information Systems Department of FEWA, received the JISTEC's (Excellence in GIS Implementation Award)

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