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Etihad Water and Electricity Completed 2.25 Million Transactions in 6 Months

27 Jul 2022

During the first half of this year, Etihad Water and Electricity completed approximately 2,250,000 transactions, including 2.03 million transactions made through various smart and electronic channels, at a rate of approximately 90% of the total number of transactions, while the total number of transactions made through a visit to the Customer Happiness Centers 210 thousand.
Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General of Etihad Water and Electricity, told “Albayan” that payment transactions recorded the largest share of the total number of transactions referred to, with a total number of about 1.98 million transactions, or 89% of the total number of transactions.
He added: The payment channels provided by EtihadWE vary between the smart application and the website, as well as the automatic payment machines spread in many sites and 15 banks including the largest and most important ones operating in the UAE, Al Ansari and Al Fardan, as well as post offices. The total payment outlets represented by these channels are about 9,000 physical and electronic ones.
He explained that the number of transactions that were conducted during the first half of this year through the website amounted to about 397 thousand transactions, or 18% of the total number of transactions, 233 thousand through the smart application, at a rate of 10%, and 690 thousand bank transactions, at a rate of 31% and 460 thousand transactions through automated payment machines at a rate of 21%, in addition to 175 thousand transactions through exchange offices, at a rate of about 8% of the total number of transactions.
Saleh said: Etihad Water and Electricity offers a package of facilities to its customers, including the possibility of paying fees in installments up to 18 months, according to the approved regulations. The most important other facilities are the service of postponing the payment date, a service that is also carried out in accordance with a number of regulating and conditions.

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