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The Director General to “Alittihad”: 734 Million Dirhams for Water & Electricity Projects in Ajman

20 Jun 2022

​Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General of Etihad Water and Electricity revealed a number of projects in the water and electricity sectors being implemented in Ajman, at a cost of about 734 million dirhams, aimed at keeping pace with the urban development and providing the best services to consumers.
Saleh said that EtihadWE undertakes to provide its services at the highest levels in order to meet the current and future needs of these vital sectors, stressing that this comes as a result of the government's support and interest in developing the country's infrastructure.
He pointed out that Etihad Water and Electricity is currently implementing a number of projects in Ajman, including extending the water network through a number of main transmission lines, some of which start at the distribution center in Al-Khurija area in Ras Al Khaimah towards Al-Heliow distribution center at a cost of about 209 million dirhams and other lines from Al-Heliow distribution center towards the distribution center located in the Ajman region at an approximate cost of 100 million dirhams, in addition to some lines that are extended in Al-Bustan and Al-Karama areas at a cost of about 99 million dirhams.
Saleh said that one of the important ongoing projects in the water sector is also the project of constructing two water tanks with a capacity of 20 million gallons each in the water distribution center located in the Al-Heliow area, at a cost of 104 million dirhams.
The Director General of Etihad Water and Electricity stated that for the electricity sector, a package of projects is being implemented in Ajman at a total cost of 222 million dirhams, including Al-Hamidiya substation, which will serve Al-Hamidiya area and the surrounding areas, at a cost of 137 million dirhams. It will be connected to a 132-kV cable at a cost of 24 million dirhams, noting that this project was launched in November 2021 and is scheduled to be completed during the second half of 2023.
He stated that preparations are currently underway for the implementation of the Mohammed bin Zayed City substation, at a cost of about 61 million dirhams, and it is scheduled to enter service in early 2024.
The Director General of EtihadWE indicated that these projects and other projects in all emirates that are being supervised enhance the sustainability and continuity of the transmission and distribution networks and raise their efficiency, as well as providing the new areas with the required service.

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