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1.6 Million Kilowatts, a Reduction in Consumption Achieved by "Your Home. Our Care"

09 Jun 2022

​The Etihad Water and Electricity initiatives in the water sector achieved a reduction in consumption of about 3.5 billion gallons, while the "Your Home. Our Care" initiative, launched in 2017, achieved an estimated reduction of 1.6 million kilowatt-hours.
Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General, said: Etihad Water and Electricity pays special attention to the issue of rationalizing consumption and links it to its various plans, and from this standpoint, we are following up on the implementation of our initiatives related to this field, including virtual workshops and awareness messages that are broadcast through many channels and social media, in addition to the general tendency to apply the latest technologies in order to achieve actual rationalization, including, but not limited to, the replacement of old networks with new ones from highly efficient materials to reduce technical losses in the network and reliance on electromagnetic valves to control the water level inside the tanks, as well as XP and VFD devices to save energy consumption.
He added: The “Your Home. Our Care” and “Lill Khair Nurashed” initiatives are the most important initiatives launched by Etihad Water and Electricity in recent years. Through the first, the homes of the highest consuming citizens were audited, and accordingly a number of recommendations and technical solutions were presented to raise the efficiency of consumption, as the old traditional lamps were replaced with LED ones, and Airco-saver devices were installed to raise the efficiency of the air conditioners. As for the “Lill Khair Nurashed” saving devices were installed free of charge in the homes of citizens in the northern Emirates, in addition to government sector buildings and a number of schools and mosques.
He explained that EtihadWE is keen on the societal aspect in spreading a culture of rationalization of consumption, pointing out the results of the rationalization efforts achieved on the ground clarify that there has been a positive movement in the culture of consumption in society, although we believe that there is still a long way to go in order to establish that culture in society in a more profound way.

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