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A Group from ‘EtihadWE’ Attends ‘Siemens’ Conference at the EXPO

31 Mar 2022

​A group from Etihad Water and Electricity engineers attended the conference organized by 'Siemens' on the sidelines of Expo 2020, where they were briefed on the innovations related to smart city designs and the latest safety and sustainability technologies.

The group included the Executive Director of the Electricity, Engr. Salim Mohamed Binrabeeh, Advisor Engr. Zuhdi Mohammad Sarhan, Engineering Manager Engr. Hassan Al Hammadi, along with a number of engineers.
The tour began by briefing the group on the latest innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, using smart sensors and remote monitoring applications, before reviewing the smart city scheme by integrating Siemens technologies in many of the Expo buildings and mechanisms to maintain smart cities’ energy consumption and make them safer and sustainable.​
The latest environmentally friendly Siemens equipment 'Blue GIS', which has a gas-free design and provides many environmental benefits, was presented during the conference, as well as the "Fault Indicator​ that helps identify and detect the error automatically.

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