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15 Mar 2024

Women and energy

We must celebrate the successes of women in the energy sector

The UAE's leadership on the global stage in gender equality stands as a testament to strategies and progress we have made. Ranking first regionally and 18th globally in the UN Development Programme's Gender Equality Index, this underscores the country's commitment to empowering women. This long-term effort has propelled women into a phase of vital participation. 

In today's UAE, true growth and sustainability in any business sector are inseparable from women playing active and essential roles at all levels of leadership, management, and professionalism.

Emirati women's journey in the energy sector stands as a beacon of inspiration for women globally, showcasing their ability to excel across all domains and their crucial role in shaping the future. Beyond their professional impact, their societal role is pivotal, driving positive change by instilling energy-saving habits in their families, promoting sustainable consumption practices, and fostering a community-wide consciousness about preserving resources for future generations. By embracing the role of ‘problem solvers’, they are transforming sustainability into a way of life, making them indispensable architects of a brighter tomorrow.

At the core of the UAE's development projects and plans lies the principle of advancing strategic objectives hand in hand with empowering all members of society through knowledge, culture, and essential skills. This underscores a fundamental commitment to investing in people as a top priority, a longstanding focus of the UAE leadership and government, with a strong emphasis on gender equality.

In the energy sector, we have seen a continuous and steady growth in the representation of women, reflecting their vital skills and abilities. Recent data from 2023 indicated a 23.1% increase in women's participation in the private sector and the economy. Women now constitute 46% of the nation’s total workforce, with EtihadWE boasting a female representation of around 61%. Additionally, over 320 female specialists in technical and specialized sectors make up about 48% of our workforce. Moreover, female engineers and employees hold leadership positions, playing crucial roles in ensuring the provision of essential infrastructure and top-quality water and electricity services throughout the Northern Emirates.

This underscores women's pivotal role as active and influential partners in the sector, contributing clear visions and impactful ideas that enhance and enrich our industry practices. They demonstrate a significant capacity for shouldering responsibility, occupying leadership roles, and driving forward our goals. Notable Emirati figures such as Her Excellency Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, Minister of Climate Change and Environment; and Her Excellency Eng. Tayba Al-Hashmi, CEO ADNOC Offshore, stand as shining examples of Emirati excellence, deserving recognition for their significant contributions and visionary leadership in their respective domains.

In light of these compelling insights into women's roles across diverse sectors, it is clear that women have become a fundamental pillar of any progressive and promising work environment. Their demonstrated success in achieving remarkable feats has earned widespread recognition and trust, notably from visionary leadership. This thriving reality is vividly exemplified in the energy sector.

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