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22 Feb 2024

CEO Reveals Several Company Projects and Highlights Strategic Priorities

Engineer Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, CEO of Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE) affirmed that the total number of main and subsidiary electric stations across all areas served by the company amounts to approximately 160, in addition to around 20,000 low-voltage distribution stations as of the end of last year.

He explained that the company's efforts in developing the infrastructure for the electrical energy sector and its various utilities stem from its ongoing commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and optimally and sustainably directing its resources. This is achieved through several key pillars, including the continuous alignment of work programs and plans to keep pace with national trends and strategies related to the sector. Foremost among these are the updated version of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and the strategic initiative for climate neutrality.

Al Ali clarified that EtihadWE's strategy is based on implementing the latest technologies, fostering innovation, and investing in the sector, with adherence to environmental protection standards, a fundamental dimension of the UAE's development efforts and a strategic priority for the wise leadership. He noted that the company had undertaken a number of developmental projects in the previous phase, including several main and subsidiary electric stations, executed based on annual growth rates in certain areas or to support new residential areas or developmental projects. He added that the company plans to implement a package of new projects in the next phase to support the sector's infrastructure in most northern areas, including substations and electrical linkage works.

Al Ali also touched on the water sector, mentioning that the company is currently implementing several network rehabilitation projects using higher efficiency materials. It is also completing technical studies related to this field, with plans to apply efficient rehabilitation programs in other areas, alongside continuing the implementation of new line extension projects.

He stated that the company is developing leak detection systems in the water network through advanced systems, significantly reducing technical losses, in addition to improving network efficiency and ensuring the sustainability and reliability of the service.

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