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Service Code:  357-01-001-001

  • Service used by
  • 546
  • Expected Time
  • 20 Working days
  • Service Fees
  • As per the fees of each category
  • Service Category
  • Individual
  • Service Channels
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Service Info

Service Description

Adding extra loads or expanding the water line in the facility

Channels for Supply of Service

Service HoursTime Period

Monday – Thursday : 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday : 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM

10 minutes

Etihad​​WE Website

Service HoursTime Period
24 Hours/Day 8 minutes

Service Channels

Customer Happiness Centers


Procedures & Process

  • The application shall be submitted by an engineering consultant approved by EtihadWE or by the main contractor for the new buildings, or by the electrical contractor for applications to add new loads or expand the water line, without new buildings.
  • Filling the application form attached with the required documents according to the service delivery channel.
  • Issuing the customer’s estimated cost invoice and communicate with the customer for the payment of fees.
  • Customer must pay the fees within 60 days.
  • The customer/ electrical contractor must submit an application for building inspection when the building is completed, attached with the Completion Certificate if required.
  • Starting connection procedures in coordination with the main contractor/ electrical contractor.
  • Issue the final invoice.
  • Provide the required service.
  • Settlement of amounts and forwarding of balance credit or debit (if any).
  • Activate the account and payment of deposit (if any).

Documents Require​d

  • In case of a new building in the site, the customer shall submit the same documents of the new connection.
  • In case of no building constructed in the site:
  • 1- Connection appl​​ication form.
  • 2- Signed undertaking to comply with rules and regulations of connection, violations form & contractual relationship form.
  • 3- Copy of valid UAE ID Card.
  • 4- Title Deed (if any).
  • 5- Valid Site Plan.
  • 6- NOC issued by Municipality.
  • 7- NOC issued by Civil Defense Department.
  • 8- Load Card stamped by the electrical contractor approved by EtihadWE (for electricity services).
  • ​9- ​Copy of the accreditation certificate of the electrical contractor (for electricity services).

Period to Execute the Service

  • 20 working days

Communication Channels

  • Text messages
  • Phone calls

Other Info

Service Category

  • Procedural / Sup-service

Target Customers

  • All categories

Service Type

  • From Government to Government
  • From Government to Individuals
  • From Government to Business Sector

  • Service Card Rating
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