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28 Sep 2022

Etihad Water and Electricity Draws Attention with the Robot “Salem” at "WETEX"

Etihad Water and Electricity attracted the attention and interest of the visitors during its participation in the “WETEX and Dubai Solar Show, as the robot "Salem" which replaced the customer service employee, is present to receive visitors, welcome them and answer their inquiries.
"Salem" sits behind a desk at the front of the pavilion, wearing the national dress, and extends his hands on the desk, which has a device connected to him and provides different windows for entering data to obtain information.
"Salem" behaves with the guests naturally as if he is a real human being, interacting, welcoming and speaking in different languages, moving his head, eyes, eyelashes and neck to an extent that makes the speaker with him feel as if he is in front of a real employee, and this is what made the turnout on the pavilion great to photograph "Salem" and talk to him.
According to Omar Ahmad Al Shehhi, director of the Corporate Communication Department in Etihad Water and Electricity, "Salem" provides accurate information of up to 100% using artificial intelligence and is able to answer any question related to Etihad Water and Electricity, and can distinguish the gender of the speaker. He can also remember the person after years, based on the data and images that were saved at the first meeting.
Al Shehhi added: Etihad Water and Electricity has used the robot that it developed in its laboratories to be an advanced technological interface that supports efforts of fully smart services.

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