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EtihadWE Completes the Installation of 240 Thousand Smart Water Meters

30 May 2022

Mohammad Mohamad Saleh, Director General, confirmed that Etihad Water and Electricity has made great strides in the new smart meter project, as the smart water meters that have already been installed so far have reached 240 thousand water meters, pointing out that All new connections are made with this type of meter, whether it is for water or electricity.
He stated that the smart meters contribute to saving water from wasting, given the accuracy in their performance, which will facilitate the discovery of errors such as possible leaks, as well as shortening the time in carrying out repairs, as the response time to repair the meter will decrease from a period that may extend to months to no more than 48 hours.
He stressed that the project will achieve several advantages, as it will allow reading consumption rates on a timely basis remotely with extreme accuracy. He said that while reading a traditional meter takes about 70 seconds on average with an accuracy of 97%, a reading of 7 smart meters is taken in one second with an accuracy of more than 99.9%.
He stated that the smart meter system would also contribute, through the results of analytical processes on big data, to the development of long-term plans, whether at the level of the future needs of the regions or the quality of service provided to consumers, as it would allow the consumer himself to monitor his consumption.
Saleh pointed out that EtihadWE is implementing an integrated plan to meet the current and future needs of water within its role in achieving the national water security strategy. The projects related to these plans vary between doubling the production of desalinated water through a number of desalination plants, led by the new desalination plant of UAQ with a capacity of 150 million gallons per day, as well as projects to raise storage capacity and extend new lines to various regions, while constantly maintaining the quality of water produced and distributed to consumers.


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