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17 Aug 2023

Etihad Water and Electricity to ‘Albayan’: 784 Thousand Smart Transactions in 6 Months

Etihad Water and Electricity Company (EtihadWE) customers completed 784,000 smart transactions during the first half of the current year. The transaction Service Activation emerged as the most requested type of smart transactions by users, totaling over 40,000 transactions during the same period.

      Engineer Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, the CEO of EtihadWE, stated to "Albayan" that the smart channels provided by the company to its users vary between the EtihadWE's smart app, which can be easily downloaded from all electronic stores and on all operating systems. These channels also include the company's website, through which more than 30 diverse services can be completed. Additionally, there is the possibility to carry out payment transactions through self-service payment machines spread across hundreds of locations, as well as 12 banks, including the largest and most important banks operating in the UAE, in addition to a number of exchange offices.

      He added that based on EtihadWE's commitment to continuous development in its services to meet the expectations and aspirations of its users, and to enhance the leadership's vision in achieving the highest levels of user satisfaction, particularly in critical public service sectors such as water and electricity, the company is dedicating all its resources to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it consistently seeks to explore new horizons that align with this direction.

      He continued by saying that from this standpoint, "Etihad Water and Electricity" applies several mechanisms and employs various tools to closely understand the expectations and aspirations of users. The results are then used to design initiatives that can meet these aspirations, with a strong emphasis on the continuity of these processes. This is especially crucial given the evolving nature of these aspirations over time, influenced by technological advancements, changes in lifestyle, and even shifts in environmental concerns and issues. Some examples of these mechanisms and tools include periodic surveys, social media channels, direct interactions with users through various events and annual occasions, as well as participation in "User Experience" labs provided by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). Through these labs, an environment is created to simulate interactions with real users, allowing for the evaluation of service quality and identifying possible areas for improvement.

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