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14 Jul 2020

Umm Al Quwain desalination plant begins production by the end of 2021

​The new desalination plant in Umm Al Quwain begins actual production by the end of next year 2021 with a capacity of 50 million gallons per day, and the total capacity of the project upon completion of the rest of its phases reaches 150 million gallons per day, as announced by Mohammed Mohammed Saleh, Director General of the Federal Electricity & Water Authority during his visit on Tuesday to the site of the water desalination plant in Umm Al Quwain, where the work was launched in the first phase thereof recently, and it will be the largest of its kind with reverse osmosis technology and IPP model.
During his visit, Saleh met a number of officials at the site, and inspected the progress of the project, where he stressed that the rational government puts the water sector at the top of its priorities, because of its great importance in achieving the required and sustainable development of all sectors, and this interest has also been reflected through various plans and projects that have been implemented during the past years, and helped the state to be ranked high internationally in the water desalination sector, with a daily production capacity of about one and a half billion gallons, pointing out that the Authority, based on the national water security strategy approved by the government for 2036, implements an integrated system of projects for the water sector, led by the production sector then storage then transportation and distribution, and all of these projects serve the goals of the Authority and the water needs of the regions it covers.
Saleh said that FEWA’s role in implementing the water security strategy extends to include raising the water storage capacity through a number of storage projects under construction in various northern regions of the state, in addition to maintaining the quality of the stored water through the implementation of the annual plan set for the maintenance and periodic cleaning of tanks according to the type and volume of the tank, to ensure that they are free of sediment or any bacterial components that are harmful to the health of consumers. In addition, implementing the comprehensive plan for managing and developing the transportation and distribution system, in a manner that ensures linking the Authority’s regions with each other and linking water supply sources with strategic storage centers, and then linking them to distribution networks for consumers.

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