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02 May 2023

International Workers’ Day Celebrated with Worker Honors by CEO

      Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Yousif Ahmed Al Ali, honored a number of workers, in recognition of their outstanding efforts on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, which falls on May 1st each year.

      In his statement, the CEO emphasized that the UAE leaders and people have always been grateful for the efforts of everyone in various locations and fields, following an authentic approach that was laid by the founding leaders of the UAE, led by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul. He stressed that the role of these workers is as important as the role of all participants in the country's development.

      "On International Workers’ Day, we cannot help but extend our sincere thanks and express our deep gratitude to our employees in various locations, who have had a clear imprint on the success of the company since its inception, and at the forefront of these are the workers who are deployed in the field and working under challenging conditions," he added.

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