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21 Mar 2023

EtihadWE Organizes Teamwork Day Initiative to Boost Collaboration and Efficiency

Etihad Water and Electricity (EtihadWE) recently organized an initiative titled ‘Teamwork Day’ with the aim of promoting the concept of teamwork among employees. The event, which took place last Friday at an Ajman hotel, featured various activities and interactive programs and was attended by a large number of employees.

Shaikha Murad Karam, Acting Executive Director of Shared Services, who attended the event, emphasized the importance of working with a team spirit and utilizing collective skills, effective communication, synergy and integration of capabilities. She stated that these factors are essential to creating a stimulating work environment and support the ability to develop, achieve the desired strategic goals, and attain sustainable institutional success.

During the event, attendees were divided into teams and participated in activities aimed at developing teamwork skills. One such activity was "Integrity," which emphasized the importance of this factor as a fundamental value in managing all kinds of relationships. At the end of the event, the winner team was announced, consisting of Aisha Al Ali, Amna Al Marzouqi, Zahra Al Ali, Sheikha Al Shamsi, Sheikha Al Blooshi, Asma Al Dhaheri, Mariam Al Abdouli, Maysoon Al Ali and Saad Al Hayyer.

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