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01 Jun 2020

With the application of precautionary measures ... the Authority's employees return to offices by 30%

​Mohammed Mohammed Saleh, Director General of the Federal Electricity & Water Authority, said that the Authority’s centers received 30% of the total employees yesterday, with the start of returning work from offices in accordance with the precautionary and preventive measures that ensure the safety of employees in terms of keeping social distance, wearing masks and gloves, and performing the required checks, noting that the Authority has provided all the necessary tools for sterilization and examination, and other means of protection that ensure that work is carried out in a healthier environment for the employee.
He added: We provide all the services required for the public through the available communication platforms, pointing out that the Authority, like other authorities, ministries and government departments, benefited from the artificial intelligence system that contributed to providing the required services remotely and with high efficiency.

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