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18 Feb 2020

34 Thousand dwellings benefit from the water rationalization devices

This month, the Month of Innovation started in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which last until February 21, with the participation of 22 entities and institutions.
FEWA contributes in the month of innovation by launching its innovative projects, such as the "Conserve for Good" project, through which free water conservation devices will be installed in the locals' dwellings, thus reducing consumption rates by rates ranging from 15 to 30%. Since its launch in 2017, the project has managed to complete the service in more than 34 Thousand dwellings, which contributed to maintaining 2 billion gallons.
FEWA also presented "Your house our care" project, through which devices that use water and electricity are being checked as the first phase, after which the improvements procedures are being taken such as replacing lighting devices with other energy-saving devices.
Also, the fast electric car charger project, where FEWA aims to install 50 charges in the northern emirates as a first phase that includes a set of fast and average chargers, and they will be distributed to a selected group of petrol stations, government departments and shopping centers.

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