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16 Jan 2020

A fifth category of power consumption for small factories

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority announced the application of a new category for consumption of electric power in the industrial sector in all areas covered by FEWA. All factories whose consumption less than 500 KW/hour will benefit from such initiative which is considered one of the efforts exerted by the Government to support the industrial sector and increase its contribution in the national economy.

"This new category is the fifth category allocated for the industrial sector, which highly supported by the government. This category will allocate 500 to 1000 KW/hour per day, which is equal to almost 264,000 KW and 527,999 KW per month" said by the Director General of FEWA, Mohammed Mohammed Saleh.

He clarified that the new category will be priced at 42 files for each kilo watt. This category will serve the small industries among the initiative of FEWA to support the industrial sector launched on 2018. In such initiative, the prices of electricity were decreased for the industrial sector and divided into many categories, all of which benefited from cancelling the fees of connection. He noted that all features of the initiative will apply on the new category, foremost of which is the cancellation of connection fees and a minimal fee for network use equivalent of 2.5 fils per kilowatt.

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