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With the Participation of Etihad Water and Electricity The “Government Services File” Team Reviews the Results of Converting 200 Services to Proactive

11 Oct 2022
The UAE government held a "Government Services File" forum, during which it reviewed the results of transforming more than 200 services into a proactive one and developing 14 services. It also discussed efforts to develop government services in various sectors to ensure the achievement of national goals and strategies in providing integrated digital services.

The forum discussed the most important national goals set by the government in order to provide the best government services in the world, by simplifying procedures and accelerating digital transformation.

Mrs. Maha Mohammad Ibrahim, Acting Director of the Strategy and Future Department, who was one of the participants in the forum, confirmed that the UAE government, under the guidance of the wise leadership, was able to achieve unprecedented achievements in the file of government services, expressing her pride in working within a team that includes a group of distinguished leaders and active members whose efforts had a great positive impact as a result of transferring experiences, and generating ideas.

She indicated the imminent opening of the Customer Happiness Center for the digital service in Ajman to be one of the results of working on this file. She also confirmed the launch of a number of initiatives that serve certain segments of customers, such as the "mobile vehicle" to serve senior citizens and people of determination, where their transactions are completed at their places without incurring the trouble of attendance to service centers with taking measures to guarantee their health and safety.

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