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EtihadWE Employees Visit the Museum of the Future on ‘International Day of Happiness’

27 Mar 2022

​On the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, which falls on March 20 of each year, Etihad Water and Electricity organized free visits to the Museum of the Future in Dubai, in which about 200 employees from different regions participated.
Over the course of two days, the visiting teams set out in groups for the museum, which is considered the most advanced building in the world. The museum is divided into three main sections, the first of which focuses on the robotics and artificial intelligence sector and its impact on improving human mental abilities. The second section highlights the relationship between humans and robots, while the third section focuses on how to use artificial intelligence in management and decision-making processes.
The Director General, Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, had stated on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness a few days ago that happiness and positivity are authentic values whose foundations were laid by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, tens of years ago, as the honorable leaders who succeeded him followed his path in this field, the United Arab Emirates was built on the aforementioned values.
Saleh said that Etihad Water and Electricity's approach to contribute to the consolidation of happiness in society is inspired by the leadership's vision in achieving the highest levels of happiness and prosperity for citizens, residents and everyone who sets foot on the land of our country.

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