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Completion of the Water Linking Project between EtihadWE and DEWA

11 Mar 2022

Etihad Water and Electricity and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have completed the implementation of the strategic water linking project in Masfout, which allows the exchange of up to 2 million gallons of drinking water for emergency use and for any other purposes. The project comes within the framework of the MOU concluded between the two parties, which aims to link the two water systems on both sides, allowing the transfer of water in in times of emergency.
Commenting on the completion of the project, Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General of EtihadWE, said that the water linking project with DEWA is one of the important projects related to the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, a strategy in which Etihad Water and Electricity plays key roles through an integrated set of projects from in order to ensure sustainability and continuity of access to water during various conditions.
Saleh added: "We value the achievement and operation of the strategic linkage between the water network of EtihadWE and DEWA, ​which comes to achieve the vision of the leadership regarding the integration of resources and the enhancement of benefit from the advanced infrastructure owned by both parties, which reduces operational risks and ensures continuity of services at the highest levels of quality and efficiency for all consumer sectors.

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